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Why do slot machines "pause" during play?

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  • Why do slot machines "pause" during play?

    We received the following question:

    I have your 2017 edition and haven't found the answer to a question I've had for years regarding slot machines. Could you please point me in the right direction so I can find it? My question is why do slot machines "pause" during play? Is the RNG re-setting itself? To elaborate: I'll be playing along at a regular interval and all of a sudden the buttons on the slot machine become unresponsive. Just as suddenly the machine will "recognize" that I've hit the Insert Coin or Max Bet button and start working again. I've interpreted these "pauses" to be like 2 sides of an old fashioned LP. On one side the machine pays out sorta good and on the other side it doesn't pay out anything and just takes my money back. The "pauses" usually last about 3-5 seconds. Do you know what these "pauses" are? Thanks, Berny.

    Here is our answer:

    I have seen this discussed and the conclusion is that the machine is pausing to update information for its memory. All machines must be able to provide a history of a certain number of past games and the machine simply pauses on occasion while this information is updated.

    It doesn't affect the play in any way and you can ignore it.