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I like you valued opinion about the 88 slot game where you..SUPPOSE TO BE ABLE TO WIN the grand Jackpot with a min.88 cent bet the grand And below However when I get to the bonus where you choose the 12 red rounds the problem is that pushing the rounds a lot of times nothing happens NOTHING EVEN PUSHING IT SEVERAL TIMES IN A ROW

So in order to continue I have to press a different one WHY IS THAT.???? Result..NEVER HAVE A DECENT CHANCE TO WIN THE GRAND. .My 2nd part is that is there a way they(casino) can influence the bonusgames ??

Here is our answer:

In many bonus rounds the symbols that you pick matter and it is up to you to pick the winning symbols that have the best bonuses.

However, the bonus round on the game you mention is pre-determined. Therefore, it doesn't matter what symbols you pick because the outcome is randomly pre-determined by the machine. Naturally, there are many more small jackpots available than there are large jackpots and that is why it is is so difficult to win that grand prize jackpot.

This issue is discussed in the following video at the 18:00 mark: https://youtu.be/hkhjZ00rsHQ