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  • Suncoast Casino Las Vegas - Video Poker

    Just thought I’d share some information about Video Poker at the Suncoast casino in Las Vegas.

    We all know, as people that do this for entertainment, unless you win a major jackpot, the casino acquires your daily entertainment allowance over the long run. What I have experienced at the Suncoast has made me make a decision not to pursue entertainment there anymore.

    Their slot director, John Nowaczyk, will not only not talk to you but has sat in his little office with all his technology around him and has proceeded to take out video poker machines that patrons are entertained on for many, many hours.

    You no longer can play one of the hottest machines in their industry...100 play poker. He has removed all five, along with the 10 play machines that I played for hours on end. Well, I took a little walk in the rain to the Rampart Casino right next door....everything you could possibly want to play and they start at 1 penny denom and go up to 1 dollar on the same machine.

    Obviously, John thinks we’re stupid and takes away our ability to step up the denom , possibly win your money back and have more hours of fun. Shame on him! Hopefully with all the new changes they’re going through, a new slot director will be one of them and I can return to the Suncoast.

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    Re: Suncoast Casino LV - Video Poker

    Slot directors will remove machines that, in their opinion, are not providing enough profit for their casino. That is their job.

    You, as a customer, however, have the ability to play in another casino if you don't like the decisions that are made by the slot manager.

    It seems that you have done this and if more customers follow your move, then perhaps your machines will return.


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      Re: Suncoast Casino LV - Video Poker

      It is my understanding that the 100 plays at the Suncoast got hit a couple of times for some big money & that's why they were taken Mr. Bourie is right.

      When the South Point was the South Coast, their 100 plays used to go up to a quarter and also got hit big and that is why they are now at a penny, 2 cents and a nickel denominations.

      This is very simple people, technology has given us all these great types of machines to have fun on but along with that comes the ability for the casinos to fine tune their profit line.
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