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Odds on slot machines?

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  • Odds on slot machines?

    I usually play Three Diamond Slots. You can wage either $1.00/$2.00/$3.00.

    If you change amounts played, while playing; do the odds change at that time also; or does it make any difference in the possibillity of hitting a winner? Thank you.
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    Re: Odds

    If you are playing a $1 straight multiplier slot where you can bet either $1,$2 or $3, it will make no difference how much you bet.

    On this kind of machine machine you might get 100 coins for three bars when you bet $1, 200 coins for three bars when you bet $2, or 300 coins for three bars when you bet $3.

    The random number generator inside this machine is set to pay back a long-term percentage and it won't change because you bet more.

    The only time it might change the possible payback percentage is when you are playing other kinds of machines, such as buy-a-pay, modified multiplier, or bonusing machines.

    On those machines you may get a higher return by betting more coins.