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Card counting in blackjack question

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  • Card counting in blackjack question

    What does it mean by 'true count'? Also how do you count the cards? I play in Lake Charles, Louisiana at L'au Berge and have never been to Las Vegas but they play with 6 decks so does that mean to count all of the 10 point cards(10,J,Q,K,A)times 6?
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    Re: Blackjack

    True count I'm not sure, but also there is what they call a running count. Yes they count with all amount of decks. If you want to learn counting you can by a book, there are different books with different ways to count cards. Do you play basic strategy, if you don't learn that first.


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      Re: Blackjack

      The running count is the count that you get from adding or subtracting based upon a 10 or a small card hitting the table.

      The true count is the count that is modified to reflect how many cards have been played from the shoe. Basically, you divide the running count by how many decks are left.

      That's pretty much a generality but it gives your the idea.