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Bob Dancer's 11/29 column

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  • Bob Dancer's 11/29 column

    Five Hundred Dollars isn't the same as Five Hundred Dollars

    Anthony Curtis' Las Vegas Advisor

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    Re: Bob Dancer's 11/29 column

    Bumps are really great. That seems like a huge voucher amount, however.
    He does not mention that the full win from the bump is also reduced in value because it cannot be used for the cheaper fares at Southwest, online. At least, I could not use mine in the past. What I remember is that they just gave a voucher in the amount of what I paid for the airline ticket.
    So I would get less because my airline ticket was the cheapest on sale, and then I could not use that money on another similar ticket so I'd pay more when I bought another flight. I'd get something, but not very much really. Seemed unfair. Maybe Bob always flies the fully refundable high rates.

    On other airlines the vouchers were often incredible. I remember my wife and I once stayed over night in Chicago and netted $1000.
    Jean Scott used to talk about going to the airlines when overbooking was most likely, getting there early to get her name first on the list. I like it when the voucher is a free flight. That seems fair.

    Now I never travel during high traffic times.


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      Re: Bob Dancer's 11/29 column

      Interesting... I always fly Alaska Airlines when going to/from Vegas.

      When I check-in online the night before or day of, it ALWAYS says the "flight has been overbooked..." I have always ignored it.

      When I go in March, I will look into it. As long as the fight I take does not arrive all that much later than I originally was, why not? Seems like it could be a great deal.