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Tips For Stretching Your Money In The Casino

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  • Tips For Stretching Your Money In The Casino

    By Jean Scott

    I am posting this article in case anyone missed it in the current ACG newsletter:

    How to Gamble Tips - ACG - ACG
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    Re: Tips For Stretching Your Money In The Casino

    One thing my wife and I do, is if we win on the first $20 we put in, we cash out the ticket voucher and put a fresh $20 in the machine.

    For example: You sit down at a slot machine with $20 in the machine. You hit for $100. Cash that $100 out in the form of a voucher, and put another $20 in. If you hit for a decent amount again, continue the process. Once you play one of your $20's to "0" you stop.

    Also, keep an eye on "little wins" on the slot that are adding up. It doesn't have to be one big hit for $100. If you sat down with $20 and have played the machine up to $60, you may want to consider the same technique. Cash out the $60 as a voucher, and start with a fresh $20 bill.

    Once you lose a "20" (or whatever your budget is) you take your vouchers, turn them in for cash and you're outta there.