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All American Poker at Trump Plaza in AC

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  • All American Poker at Trump Plaza in AC

    In refence to my previous message pertaining to ALL AMERICAN POKER in Trump Plaza, Atlantic City, please note they have introduced a new version of this game. The new game is now called USA poker, however, they also changed the pay out for the full house; flush and straight. As in ALL AMERICAN POKER, the payout for the hands were 250-200-40- 8-8-8-3-1-1; with USA POKER, they lowered the payout for the hands to 250-200-40-7-7-7-3-1-1. In the old payout the percentage was 100.7%. Can anyone tell me what the payout is for the newer version?

    This is very important because I was annoyed when the removed the old machines because it was all I played.

    Perhaps, Mr. Bourie could help here. Thanks.

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    Re: All American Poker

    96.265 %