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  • Bob Dancer's VP classes

    Held weekly at the South Point. Here is a link to the schedule

    :: Bob Dancer Video Poker Expert Play ::

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    Re: Bob Dancer's VP classes

    What makes you think William's strategies wil make anyone a winner ??
    About half the readers only go to Vegas 2-3 times per year.

    I have winpoker someone sent me (FREE) and it does not compare to the hands I get at MGM Detroit.

    The TEN is always absent on straights.
    Holding 2-10's, a deuce comes up on the draw.
    I'm always missing the club suit when I have trips. Sometimes the Diamond 3 or 9 of spades, Queen of hearts....
    Holding 2 pair, or four to a straight/full house with TWO of the same suit & the others are just random--the suit with the matching 2 card suit comes in.
    Also, you're holding 2-red SEVENS--a Jack comes up.
    2 Sixes, a 9 pops
    2 8's, a queen pops
    2 nines, a 6 pops (or a 3)

    I've observed this at 20 casinoes throughot the midwest, New Orleans & Vegas.
    I've noticed other patterns too, but did not list.
    Such as 2 ducks, expect a 5
    2 4's, expect an 8
    2 8's expect a queen (or 4)

    As far as Winpoker, I play DDB, 3 LINES & "CASh" 23 OF 30 HANDS..Just today at MGM, I played SINGLE LINE DDB to start & lost the first 11 hands before I got a paying pair. One quad Jacks over 2 hours made me a loser.
    So don't believe what you hear & only 1/2 of what you see when it comes to VP experts.
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