More than any other information, yours has improved my trip this past 24 nights.
First, that 24 hour Walgreen's senior 30 day pass makes it reasonable for me to start a trip at the Orleans instead of Downtown. That worked great because I backed it up with 5 nights on the strip (just for resort fees) and the bus movement with my huge bag was no problem.
Next, your sense of the tram from Excalibur to Mandalay Bay made a very easy journey for my Monte Carlo one nighters sandwiched with the MB<
Also, I believe you tipped me off to the Plaza jazz. That is my kind of music and very rare now in Vegas.
I'm really impressed with that casino.
They also offered really cheap tournaments to introduce folks to the Poker Pro machines. I played poker one night for two and a half hours, got to the final table, tried to double up and be chip leader and read my opponent right, but he caught on the turn.
All that while I could listen to the greatest music.
I'm sold on the Plaza.
My oldest son was with me and loves poker but never wins. He stayed two hours at that tournament. It cost us just $15 with all the added chips.
The brush said they will do it for a long while, but I suspect it will dry up and either they will pull the machines or up the prices.
I love the machines. No dealer to tip and rake capped at $3 for cash games. The tournaments for frugal players were a real treat. Like being at home.

I'll write more a bit at a time as I develop various ideas. Good trip. Losing and still good.
Thanks again.