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CET charge Platinum the resort fee now

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  • CET charge Platinum the resort fee now

    If you thought you could get the credit card and have a year with no resort fee as Platinum, or you gamble enough for that status and figured they'd take care of you, well.....guess again.
    Platinum for anything booked after November 10th gets charged the famous resort fees that can be as much as $28 a night.

    Meanwhile, as a promotional, CET gave out coupons to almost everyone who had ever breathed in a CET hotel room and those coupons allowed a friend or family member with a Player's Card to get two free nights. My son gave me one for Planet Hollywood and I used it on my last trip. I did have to pay the resort fee, but that was the only charge so it was not a bad deal in October with a heated pool.
    I like their buffet and usually go there with the American Casino Guide 25% off coupon and perhaps again with a $5 off deal. I love the lamb at supper on skewers.

    I hate their Sin City Comedy. That is a true sham.

    I don't gamble there.
    I told my kid that I would not give them any play and he did not care. He did not even know exactly why he got the offer. He had been there just once.

    I've basically stopped playing even poker with the CET folks. I used up all my points last year.
    But it was nice to stay there.

    And ironically, the coupon because it was a comp, let me check in early without that stupid early check in fee so popular with CET.
    By the way, MyVegas M life rooms have no early check in fee. If they have a room, they give it.
    I had Monte Carlo, then Mandalay Bay, then Monte Carlo and then the two Planet Hollywood nights. And getting from place to place was easy.
    I'll certainly do the MyVegas again if they have the deal next year. One room at Mandalay Bay was incredible. The rack rate the night I stayed was $375. And those lazy rivers, especially done when they first open with no tube, are great exercise and a good bit of fun.

    Well, I wanted just to give a heads up on the resort fee. It is frustrating that before the American Casino Guide 2015 is in the hands of the buyers my article on Resort fees is compromised by yet another radical change.

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    Re: CET charge Platinum the resort fee now

    CET is getting desperate. I have heard rumblings that they plan to file for bankruptcy in January.

    They went from No Resort Fee to a ridiculous resort fee in under 2 years. I guess the bean counters think that hotel guests will gladly pay into the $20 billion "Get Out of Debt Fund". The last few rooms that I stayed in a CET hotel definitely needed renovations.


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      Re: CET charge Platinum the resort fee now

      I had a fine free room at the Planet Hollywood and everything was nice. I liked the pool.
      I guess they do the best they can, but I don't quite get the loyal following they have. I suppose for many a CET casino is a local place, and so they are in the larger loop and stay with them when they head out to Vegas.
      Get a conversation between an M Life loyal fan and a CET loyal fan and it is like one between a Yankee fan and a Boston fan. That loyalty stuff totally eludes me. I go where the deals go. Why would anyone develop a fan relationship with an organization that strings out one armed bandits to fleece them? Play the game with them. Get a coupon and a deal.
      I got great CET rooms in Biloxi a few years ago at great prices and had never been there before.
      I got a mailing for December and 80% of the rooms are free in Atlantic City because I played a bit of VP full pay that is now gone with the Showboat.. AC is a place really hitting the mucky bottom.
      I keep hearing about bankruptcy, but I don't really get where that ever affects players like me. Stockholders lose. But someone else takes the reigns and tries another approach. If anything, it helps the consumer.
      But then I don't even have any points left on my card.

      After casinos close I miss the buildings, like the old Sahara dome seen from the Strat tower or the empty lot that was once the Stardust. But I don't miss much else. Thanks for the post Mr. Island.