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Thinking through a transition away from staying downtown

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  • dewey089
    Re: Thinking through a transition away from staying downtown

    Let me add that with resort fees going through the roof in Vegas, only Harrahs in Laughlin has a resort fee right now. In some cases the full price of a room is half the resort fee paid on a strip property.

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  • Thinking through a transition away from staying downtown

    The inability to sleep is one of the most annoying bits of my senior life. It complicates home life and on trips is even more of an issue. It makes me a poor traveling companion.

    Noise played a factor in both my trips; in September and in November downtown noise affected my sleep.
    In past years my trips have focused on downtown, starting with the liberal comps of the Four Queens for VP players. They have the best 10/7 DB in the world, full pay with a progressive royal. However, the volatility of that game makes it a tough game with which to seed future hotel offers when it goes into a losing streak, especially at a time when the Four Queens is cutting back on what they offer. It used to be that very little play would get me three nights over the weekend. Now, that is rare. Currently, after a losing streak, I am getting 2 for 1 offers.
    If I play dimes at Palace Station or Boulder Station or nickels at Sam's Town Deuces Wild, I can weather the volatility. However, the Stations don't seem to send me offers on dime play.
    I still love the Golden Nugget poker room, and I'd use downtown to get an afternoon sleep that would refresh me for midnight and early morning poker. In September that worked fine, but in November I seemed to always encounter late night and early morning players who made it very uncomfortable to stay at the table.

    There is really no way to ensure quiet at the Four Queens anymore or in any downtown room. The final noisy nail in quiet's coffin was the D buying that block behind the Four Queens for loud venues.
    The D itself cut back on comps by charging the high resort fee on the one night paid for a 2 for 1.

    All that, and the constant crowds of people and the sleazy folks under the canopy and up the side roads, has me pretty much done with downtown as home base.

    In November I tried the El Cortez tower thinking that it would be quiet. It was not. I tired the Fremont and that was not quiet and the tiny room was the worst room I've had in a long while anywhere.

    Meanwhile I had some good poker experiences in Laughlin and a very quiet room at the Pioneer which I rate as a rather poor room, but a quiet one, and an easy walk from the Belle when the late night poker is over. I was satisfied except for poor Television reception.
    When Laughlin was a place for full pay video poker, I loved going for a week. I even had a host and free rooms at the Belle.
    Now, I'm attracted again as the cheapest place to go.

    I'm also addicted to hiking Red Rock. I stayed at that casino for 2 free nights in November (MyVegas) and loved it. Maybe I'll pay for that luxury of 6 AM spa and heated pool and the Canyon nearby for hiking as well as very cheap food.

    I'm also attracted to the Boulder highway casinos like Eastside Cannery and Sam's Town and perhaps even a paid Monday night at the Longhorn. I'd like to position myself close to the Eastside Cannery Latin lounge act, Claudia Castro, that runs from 10 to 2 AM. I miss an entire set if I have to take the 202 bus down Flamingo as the last one to leave the Cannery is at 1AM. Each trip I consider the suites at Arizona Charlie's. Although shabby, those must be quiet and they are the cheapest deals.

    I continue to experience a Wednesday Young at Heart booking at the Orleans as the best booking in all of Vegas. There I play a triple play 9/7 progressive DB, but in nickles at 75 cents a spin and take advantage of the free food, the cheap movies, and the wonderful Nite Kings Lounge Act. I may put my free nights together with some paid nights at the Gold Coast (where I don't gamble much but do get casino rate) to swim in the heated pool and have great bus access along Flamingo.

    I also continue to see the Excalibur and the Luxor giving free nights through MyVegas. One night there piggy backs well with the Orleans using the 201 bus. Three nights allows for the My Vegas $50 freeplay if that continues to be an award. In November I actually had a rate of $42 that included resort fee, tacked it on the one MyVegas free night, and qualified for the freeplay, so it was a good booking. That positions me well for shows at the Tropicana. This last night I saw Rich Little and a Comedy Act back to back and loved the convenience and the Tropicana theater.

    As downtown becomes for me too crowded and noisy, for others it becomes more desirable. Prices are going up. Deals will certainly be fewer. Time to move on.