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  • Vegas on the CHEAP!

    Whatever happened to all those history and discovery channel programs about how to do Vegas on the cheap. Jean Scott, Anthony Curtis, Bod Dancer, and Steve Bourie were all about saving money. Match play coupons were the best!
    Remember the coupon run with Bethany and Anthony Curtis? He finds a dime on the ground and exclaims"That's good for two cups of coffee at the Westward Ho!"
    Remember the Western? A great place to go to as long as you didn't get mugged on the way down there.
    I chummed up with a "Mr Nice Guy" on the LVA Forum and he hooked me up with a suite at the Planet HO for about $35 a night. We used to trade off tips on deals around town no one else seemed to know about.
    I played Craps at the "El Dorado" on the dollar table (10Xfreeodds) many dozens of times. Now that was some fun and the cocktail waitresses there were the best! That table is no longer there but you can still find a similar game at the Joker's Wild down the Boulder Highway. And the food deals? Well I don't have to tell you two for one is my thing, unless I can get a comp then it's free!
    I still watch all those shows as I had recorded them on my DVR.
    No one ever heard of 6to5 payoff on the Blackjack table, and single zero Roulette at the Stratosphere was too cool!
    I can't even remember how many comped rooms we got there. And if you havn't gone up the tower for the view your missing out.
    All you had to do was say you were going to the restaurant or bar and they would take you up the express VIP elevator. Have a drink at the "Top of the World Bar" and enjoy the panoramic view of Las Vegas in air conditioned comfort. It has a rotating bar 360.
    So now it's resort fees, paid parking at strip locations, no comps and 6to 5 BJ. ut not to worry, as soon as the economy crashes again it'll be free rooms, coupons, and anything else to get you in there.
    Just don't forget who treated you right when prices were high!
    Ben Jammin

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    Re: Vegas on the CHEAP!

    I agree whole heartedly—still use the LVA and ACG coupons every trip; but, other than that, hard to get a bargain in LV any more.