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  • Need info on Reno...

    Hey guys, long time no see. OK, here's the deal, wifey and I are looking to take a vacation in February of 2010. We're both Vegas junkies, but are considering a trip to Reno for this next trip. So I have a few questions for any Reno players out there.

    1) Is the gambling better? ( meaning looser slots, cheaper tables and better comps.)

    2) How is Reno as a city? Is it a scary and vagrant filled as I've heard, or is it a mini Vegas?

    3) Where are the best casinos, resorts?

    Any and all info would be appreciated.



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    Re: Need info on Reno...

    Haven't been there for a while but lived there from '96 thru '04.

    I'd say that limits were lower than in Vegas. You'll find (search some websites for specific payoffs) more full pay video poker. I'm not sure that slots have a higher payback. Table games will generally have lower limits. We left before the 6/5 BJ started but can't imagine that it caught on in Reno.

    Comps are somewhat better. You need to ASK, though.

    Western Village in Sparks is a good place to gamble and to eat. When we were there, there was no slot club and anyone that looked presentable and played could get comped.

    Downtown Reno is somewhat like downtown LV used to be. It has a couple nicer places and a few not so nice. Generally, you'll find the streets are rather deserted.

    There are some nice outlying casinos (Atlantis and Peppermill). There's the Nugget in Sparks as well as the Western Village.

    February isn't the best time in the year. It does get wintry. Sometimes the mountains to the west will be impassable and if you were to visit Lake Tahoe, you might get snowed in.

    Have fun.



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      Re: Need info on Reno...

      To answer your question about slot payback, Yes Reno does have slightly better paybacks. From July 1, 2007 - June 30 2008, the average payback on all machines in Reno was 94.78%. For the same time period the pay back on the strip for all machines was 92.99%, downtown was 93.43%, the boulder strip was 94.69% and in north Las Vegas it was 94.24%.

      So pretty much, payback in Reno is slightly better than the locals casinos in Vegas.