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$5 Tables on the strip

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  • $5 Tables on the strip

    I will be visiting Vegas for the 1st time in two years. I was wondering if it is easier to find $5 tables on the Strip at some of the main casinos due to Economic conditions in Vegas. I remember being able to find a few $5 tables at like Treasure Island Excalibur and Monte Carlo in 2007 even on a weekend. Is it easier now a days?

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    Re: $5 Tables on the strip

    Yes it is

    Many casinos offer $5 tables during the week, and off hours on weekends.

    I recently saw $5 BJ and Craps at many strip casinos, with the exception of the upscale mega resorts, that are still trying to hold the line.They are living in a fantasy world.

    However, beware of stupid rules, like 6 to 5 pay offs for blackjack, no double after split, double down on ten and eleven only and so forth.

    See the Wizard's black jack house edge calculator.