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Coupon Denial ! Don't Get Your Panties Up In A Bunch!

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  • Coupon Denial ! Don't Get Your Panties Up In A Bunch!

    Yes, it's happened to all of us avid users of the mighty coupon at one time or another, the dreaded DENIAL!

    Lack of communication between management and floor staff, failure to brief the staff on the terms of acceptance, or change in management are the main culprits.

    Once in a while you'll get a micro manager with a bug up his rear end. That's rare.

    What you can do?

    Be nice. Coupons, like a driver's license, are a privilege, not a right. And yes, the management does reserve the right to refuse a coupon, especially if it's your third match play that day at the same casino. At least wait for the shift change, and use a disguise!

    Some casinos set a limit on how many coupons you may use in a specific time frame, one per person per year is not uncommon. They track their usage by your players card, and coupon abuse is a no no. Besides, it may cause issues for the publisher of the coupon book down the road, and we wouldn't want that.

    Don't barge in like a freight train and demand they accept your coupon immediately, keep it low key. If there's no mid deck entry, lay back and wait. If the shooter is on a hot roll, be discreet. Place your coupon with your card and cash on the table like you would normally ask for checks for cash. If it won't fly, they'll let you know. You usually don't need to ask or distract the other players. That's what the management doesn't like.

    Once in a blue moon, (that's good beer too) management may revoke a coupon. Oh well, there are at least a hundred others in the book, and too many casinos that actually want your business to fret over it. Just move on, and don't look back!

    I use coupons every time I go to Las Vegas, bit I personally don't go out of my way to venture to the middle of nowhere just to use them. I keep a list for quick reference, and use them as I go.

    Free drinks, match plays, two for one everything and free stuff is always a good thing.

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    Re: Coupon Denial ! Don't Get Your Panties Up In A Bunch!

    Good advice .... thanks!