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Some new laws coming to Nevada

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  • Some new laws coming to Nevada

    Apparently, starting July 1st, texting and driving will be illegal in Nevada and so will talking on a cell, without a hands-free. We know a lot of people don’t rent cars in Vegas (we do sometimes, but mostly get around walking) but it is good to know. Fines will range from $50 for a first offense to $250 for a third. Any more than that and your license is taken away. (Of course, if you don’t have brains enough not to drive and text, you shouldn’t have a license any way, eh! )

    Another new development is about Ticket-In, Ticket-Out laws. If you don’t cash in those claim tickets, the state of Nevada will do it for you. This law also starts July 1- - - Nevada will get 75 percent of unclaimed winnings and casinos will get the rest. The law applies to expired claim tickets that some casinos would normally still honor. As a rule, we make sure we never hold on to them unless we will be able to use them within the next day or so. So keep an eye on that expiration date!

    There are a couple of other laws Nevada has passed that may change the way we all gamble in the future. One will allow you to gamble electronically in your hotel room (the hotels need to figure out how to make that work and it sounds like an interesting concept - but there is nothing like the excitement of a casino, am I right?) and the other law opens up the possibility of Internet gambling in Nevada. Not sure if that is a good thing for casinos but it might be a good thing for casino customers like all of us! (Do we smell better offers in the future, maybe?!?!)

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    Re: Some new laws coming to Nevada

    Good information. Thanks for posting.