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  • New buses and schedules

    Well, the new express buses that run along Boulder started yesterday. No reviews yet. However, along with those came changes in almost every bus schedule. Those have been posted so you can check and see them and print out pages you might need.

    Also, the goggle trip search should be working with the updated material, so if you want to know exactly how to go from point A to point B, try a seach here

    Regional Transportation Commission (RTC) | 702-228-7433

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    Re: New buses and schedules

    Well, if I understand the fare schedule correctly, it's kind of crappy for us. No multi-day pass for reduced (old) riders on the Strip/Strip-DT Ex. No single rides for the Strip--only 24hs for $5. Crap.


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      Re: New buses and schedules

      Originally posted by ddechenne View Post
      Well, if I understand the fare schedule correctly, it's kind of crappy for us. No multi-day pass for reduced (old) riders on the Strip/Strip-DT Ex. No single rides for the Strip--only 24hs for $5. Crap.
      PS. Actually $5 for 2 hours.


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        Re: New buses and schedules

        OK, I emailed the RTA and this was their response to the question of "would the 3/5 day reduced passes be accepted on the Strip/SDX:

        If you are a local or you already have a reduced fare ID card these passes will be accepted.

        Thank you,

        Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada

        Customer Service/RTC Comments

        (702) 676-1500

        (702) 676-1638 fax

        Regional Transportation Commission (RTC) | 702-228-7433


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          Re: New buses and schedules

          Interesting. Every time we contact the RTC, we get a different answer.
          If you use the 5 or 3 day passes, let us know here how they worked. The RCT told me I had to go to the BTC to buy a 5 or 30 day pass, but Walgreen's downtown told me they sell them and all I need is the reduced fare ID.

          As far as I can tell no bus has actually been checking for local ID. They do check senior ID.

          This seems to indicate that new joiners to senior ID status will not get this deal.

          This is the RTC way of putting tourist seniors in a second class status. Locals are not affected by the new pricing.

          However, you are not affected by it either if you stay off the strip buses. These new Boulder buses are residential, so you can leave downtown and be at Sam's in no time. Then you can take that free shuttle of take Flamingo to the strip.
          If you restrict you ride from Flamingo to one stop either way on SDX, you can also use the residential pass. All that would happen in the worst senario is that they would make you get off at the next stop, your destination.

          One thing is clear. 30 day passes at $30 are still all access for anyone, tourist or local. My next trip is 22 days, so I'm covered for that one.

          I am hoping that when it comes time to renew the reduced pass it is still an option for tourists.


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            Re: New buses and schedules

            Well, i called a month or so ago and asked about 5day passes and they said they were all-inclusive with reagrd to routes but that they had to be bought at RTA terminals or at vendors; but the current fare chart shows that 5day reduced passes are available at the vending machines. So, I'm confused. Anyway, we are going on Oct 16-21 and we will see what is up. We are currently planning on getting a 3 or 5 day pass at the airport vending machine (if possible) and trying it on the Strip. Will let you know.


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              Re: New buses and schedules

              Unless the airport has changed, there are not even 3 day passes there. You pay the driver and get a 24 hour residential pass. Then most of us head downtown so we can get anything at the BTC and we can buy 5 day or 30 day at the Walgreen's there as well.
              Vendors are not placed to help tourists. But I did see one on the 109 route also near Maryland and I called and they had 5 day passes and would sell the reduced pass to seniors. This would be the closest to the strip if you are staying there. I'd look that up at the site, call the Walgreen's and see what they are selling.
              I doubt that you will get any senior reductions in any strip vending machine. That was the purpose of changing the fares on Sept 11, to eliminate reduced fares along the strip. Even locals can't do that. But if they buy their passes in off strip locations or downtown then they are clearly covered by the local ID waiver even for 24 hour residential passes.
              RTC on facebook also advised me to get the 5 day pass which in spite of what is on the website chart is over and over called an all access pass now, even for tourists.
              You might like poking through this collection of bus related information

              Vegas on the Bus

              Thanks for sharing what you have found out and for promising to share your experiences as well. It is very much confusion at the RTC and often contradiction. Over time we will see what works.

              All along the 5 day have worked for many regular senior travelers. And the 24 hour residential has worked as well, because no one has asked anyone for a local ID. So there has been an "official" policy and there has been an actually implemented policy.
              And of course, it all depends on the checking.

              When buddy Wild Bill last rode an SDX it was so crowded in the back that midway through the bus the checker just asked everyone to hold up their passes to see that folks had something. I do suggest that if you are not sure if your pass is good, you ride the SDX and get on the back.