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The state of restaurant kitchens

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  • The state of restaurant kitchens

    As a former restaurant and entertainment writer, I can tell you the first thing we did was to inspect the kitchen and bathroom area for cleanliness and hot water. One stickler was how long it took for the tap water in the bathroom to get up to temperature after turning on the tap. I can assure you restaurant workers aren't going to stand there for 3 or 4 minutes waiting for the water to get hot before they wash their hands, that is, if they wash their hands. OMG!

    I can go into any restaurant including the Four Seasons and find at least 3 violations if I look hard enough.

    A restaurant kitchen isn't like yours at home. They are preparing many hundreds of meals on a daily basis ans being open on a 24 hour basis doesn't allow for the deep cleaning you would like to see but it's a fact of life. Restaurant kitchens are dirty filthy bacteria ridden environments and you are literally risking your life every time you eat in one.

    Now, if you think that's bad, lets talk about the Vegas Standard, The Quintessential "Buffet". How many hands have touched that ladle on the gravy, and how many folks have used their hands to grab food rather than taking the time to use the tongs? Come on. we've all done it, Ha-achoo.

    Clark, this buffet is all you can eat, we only need one plate!

    Gimme some of the yella, and don't go gettin cheap on me now.

    The Bread Puddin is extra runny tonight!

    But here in sunny Southern California, any undocumented persona with a pulse is preparing your food, with the exception of In and Out Burger, where you can see the staff. I never eat anything I can't identify, and it's always good to watch the cook make your burger. That's why when in Vegas I eat at Binion's Snack Bar! Where they cook the food right in front of you. God only knows where it came from but at least you know it's been cooked, well, sort of. Make mine rare!

    So, at least you're eating in a state (Nevada) that requires a food certification card to prepare your food. Even the Bartenders have to be certified. And, they are required to steam your glasses, silverware, and dishes in a washer/steamer to x degrees ....whatever. Here in Cali they just rinse em in AB Dick. Don't believe me?

    When I go to a bar here I order my beer in a bottle and watch them open it right in front of me, and I listen for the pop. I never drink out of a glass. Besides, that lipstick isn't my color anyway.

    And by the way, Ellis Island? What do you want for $7.99, filet Mignon served on a silver platter? You get what you pay for.

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    Re: The state of restaurant kitchens

    Good and interesting but scary information. Thats why the uncooked foods are the most scary.