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Living in LA 4 hour drive to Las Vegas

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  • keno60
    Re: Living in LA 4 hour drive to Las Vegas

    Right on Ben! I had the calamari and a great brew at the MSS this trip. I even tried the Heart Attack Cafe. Thanks for the info. and I wish I had a 5 hour drive instead of a 3 hours plane ride.

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  • Ben Jammin
    started a topic Living in LA 4 hour drive to Las Vegas

    Living in LA 4 hour drive to Las Vegas

    One of the only good things about living in the city of Angels is that you can make Vegas in about 4 hours provided you don't get pulled over. it's about 5 hours doing the speed limit. But who does that? Hell, the truckers will run you down. What's 4 hours? A few good CD'S and you are there. Since they rolled up the streets long ago in Lost Angeles there's not much else to do if your over your 2o's so it's off and running one more time.

    When the price of gas is tolerable it's about 40 bucks one way and the hotels about 25 a night, so for 3 nights about 150 bucks all up not including food and incidentals. How can you beat that? Try Disneyland at about $400 a day.

    Well, there is gambling and booze but if you get lucky you just might get a free trip. We've done it many times and lost a few too but we know our loss limit and NEVER try to win it back if we're losing so it comes out in the wash. With perfect basic strategy the casino is lucky to make it's 2% off of us more or less so where else can you get this level of entertainment value? I don't know, maybe you can go camping but that'll cost ya.

    With a few ACG and FSE coupons in hand you can pretty much eat like a King for next to nuthin, (here King here King) at the buffets and graveyard specials. Arizona Charlie's ham and egger comes to mind at around 3+ bucks or that Main Street Station Buffet, 241 with the FSE coupon (go to: fremontstreetexperience/coupons enter your e mail password is RealVegas (no space) and print em out.

    Then thars the Flame Steak House ACG coupie but... it's good only during the week. Su/Thu.

    If your hungy ( that's right "HUNGY!") late you can hit the Triple 7, 777! at the MSS (Main Street Station) or during the week their happy hour is to die for or you hit the Boar Bar for a few comped drinks or Micro Brews while playing their good Video Poker at the bar. Tip well My friend, they have you on video!, and they know who you are. Don't get cheap!

    Forget those .99 cent 1o oz warmies in a plastic cup at the Vegas Club, the MSS Rules!

    Catch a cheap or free show, then take the significant other dancing at any one of the dive bars situated close by, like the Gold Digger or even the Griffin "oh to be young again", or just belly up to the bar for some top shelf entertainment poured from the friendly bartender (the more you tip the friendlier they are!) and hit a Royal or Two. How can you go wrong?..
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