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Buffet of Buffets - price increase

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  • Buffet of Buffets - price increase

    Buffet of Buffets Hikes Prices, Again || VegasChatter

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    Re: Buffet of Buffets - price increase

    Thanks, Westie. I did it once on Veteran's Day when it was free. I liked it, but I never would get the dollar value out of it.
    Now that my eating is restricted to salad and mostly vegetables and fruit with maybe a bit of seafood or an egg or a few seeds, but without any rich dairy based sauces, I'd never get the value out of this deal.
    Orleans has an all day deal for $24 ($30 on Friday) and it comes with a wrist band that means completely skipping the lines. I like that because there is no temptation to overeat. Any time I want a break from the poker table, I just wander in and have a bite of fruit and coffee or a salad. There is no limit to how many visits I can make and never a line since I buy it in the morning when there are few people. A real savings on weekends. I used to eat a lot but all at one buffet a day, but now I need to be able to just graze during the day for the best health.

    Then too there have been very good reports on the food now at Station casinos and their prices have dropped so low that were we to buy all three meals, it would be about 40% cheaper than the price of this deal, and more if for some reason we missed a meal. Granted, neither of these options have the upscale offerings of the upscale buffets, but I think they feed us pretty well.

    Then with the destination coupon, Spice Market buffet is just $17 for lunch, so that gives us some upscale for much less.
    It just seems to me that for most folks the delight in a buffet is dimished if three are eaten in one day.


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      Re: Buffet of Buffets - price increase

      You can also play beat the clock with a late lunch and stick around for gourmet dinner entrees. Main Street Station doesn't allow it.