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  • MyVegas 4th freebie

    If you play this Facebook based game to earn points for freebies in Vegas, you can use the points for just 3 freebies in a thirty day period, so only 3 per Vegas trip.
    After hearing reports that buying as little as $5 in chips increased that number to 4 freebies, I tried buying $9 in chips to see if it went to 5 freebies. It didn't. It went to 4.
    Still, even a cheap buffet freebie at Mirage will get back my $9 value. And if somehow I am grandfathered into that 4 category, I'll get 4 each time.
    I am not much of a slot player. I just put on a headset, dial up the Lucky Birds and let it run in the background as I'm doing while typing right now. The sounds let me know when to redeem a bonus or jackpot.
    You need an M card to redeem freebies.