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    Well, nothing free lasts forever.
    This week the M Life promotion changed its food offerings so that they are only valid if you are staying at an MLife hotel.
    Those already purchased will be honored, but just for safety sake, print out the details of what you purchased.

    The rooms themselves are still a pretty good deal on weekends. You do have to pay resort fee on the "free" nights but Monte Carlo at $22 or Mandalay Bay at $28 on a weekend night is not a bad deal even compared to the more frugal casino options.
    On the other hand the nights offered can be very limited. It might mean one night stands.

    I'm not actually playing the games for much time at all. I hoard chips and wait for the rare offers of double LP and play off my couple million chips at 20 grand a pull. That seems to enable me to win plenty of freebies for Vegas visits once or twice a year. I do collect and distribute chips to Facebook friends daily, and I check in and collect from my map whenever I am at the computer. That takes a few minutes. However, I'm not spending hours spinning slots. If I get insomnia along with a strong cold, the slots might work as diversion for a while. Some also report doing well playing video blackjack at high rates. I may try that. Too bad we can't use the chips in a poker game with other MyVegas folks. That would be really fun. I don't get much fun out of slots, even in the casinos unless I'm broke and playing three lines at a penny each while getting hammered on the cheap. I generally use my El Cortez freeplay to do that.
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    Re: MyVegas rewards

    Dewey - I have redeemed my 3 rewards for an October trip and still have 600,000. Like you, I collect the chips on the Strip and send chips to friends daily without playing much.