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    With the recent changes in the way they figure comps, there has been some pull back on the usual mailers. For November I only got two free nights as compared to three in October. The third will cost me $25 (I'll pay for that in comp dollars)

    However, I also got the mailing for the November video poker tournament held November 14-15-16 and that includs three free nights as well as a free chance at different bits of money in the slot/VP tournament and some free food.
    So that seems like good news.

    The new policy on comp dollars may also mean the third night will be free with any substantial amount of play. That will be the case in November because they sent me $40 in free comp dollars to get me started with the new program.

    It may be a pull back, but whether it will hurt me much has yet to be seen.

    $8 in coin in = 1 point on video poker
    40 points = $1 cashback
    20 points = $1 comp.

    So, unless my math is wrong when figuring comp dollars to use on the rooms, $160 coin in will earn $1 comp. For a $25 room that means $4000 coin in will earn that third night, assuming the mailers continue to give the first two.
    Also, I like being able to mathematically figure out how much play will reward me with enough for the third night. On the other hand, I might just concentrate my play on two nights and use the comp dollars for food.
    I had figures on a Thursday-Friday- Saturday and getting 3 free nights. I was happy that I could use my comp dollars for the Thursday and then the mailer freebies on the more expensive weekend.
    I do wish they would get the mailers out early instead of long after I've planned my trip. Had I known the slot tournament dates, I'd have planned the next trip differently. I leave on the day that slot tournament starts and I really can't extend three more nights even if they are free.