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    I have been reading that regulars to the Orleans are getting offers for upgrades that seem a bit expensive. Experience in the past is that upgrades were fairly easy to get there and generally part of booking a comped room. I booked Premium on their offer for October and again for November.
    Gold Coast for some odd reason (I play little there) sent me two free nights that fit in a block of 3 I could use to save a bit on three nights I had booked at Arizona Charlie's. So I bought the third. There they asked for $10 extra for the premium room and said that if I paid it, I'd get that for all three nights, but if I did not buy it for the third, I'd get regular rooms for the three nights. I have not stayed there in a long time, but $10 did not seem a problem for a three night upgrade. I'm hoping the pool is heated in November.

    Anyway, I just thought I'd toss out the new pattern of upgrade offers for money in case folks are booked there anytime soon.