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Hollywood Slots Hotel Raceway: food at the buffet

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  • Hollywood Slots Hotel Raceway: food at the buffet

    My girlfriend and I went to eat at the epic buffet on 3/2/09 at 7pm, I was unimpressed with the speed at which my girlfriend and I were seated (almost 30 min). I noticed there were signs that said to look over the buffet before eating to insure food stays hot. After doing so I picked up a plate to start and after placing several items on my plate. I was unimpressed with the way the food looked (dry and crusty) many of the items on the buffet were almost completely empty.

    The prime rib was way too rare and didn't look like it had even been cooked all the way through, the chicken was all dried out and over done. After getting our food we went back to our table and found the food to be very cold and bland tasting, I had gotten several of the peel and eat shrimp which tasted bad and smelled fishy so I ended up not eating them.

    I then went to get some soup and salad and found that there were no soup bowls, so I went to the salad bar and what a mess (the pasta and potato salad were crusty and brown as was most of the lettuce) the toppings for the salad were mixed in with other toppings and the salad dressing was splattered all over. After the soup bowls came (finally) there were no saucers to put them on and I noticed people sloping soup on the counter I ended up trying the chili which ended up being cold and tasteless. Well I could go on and on but I think you get the idea, however I have to say one positive thing; the waitress was friendly.

    In closing I would strongly suggest not eating at this establishment, we were very disappointed with the service and food over all. But don't take my word for it, if your bold enough try it for yourself I think you will have the same opinion. Good luck

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