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Harrahs Chester Casino Racetrack: Waste of time and money!

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  • Harrahs Chester Casino Racetrack: Waste of time and money!

    This place stinks. Location-wise, it's in one of the most unfathomably dangerous and downtrodden east-coast cities - so be careful not to get lost trying to find the freeway! No fast food, no restaurants, very few gas stations (none of which are open after dark).

    Slots are horrendous. It's easy to lose several hundred dollars in a nickle or penny machine without a single bonus round. The paybacks on the dollar machines are lousy and in my three visits there, I saw only one person win a $1,600 jackpot.

    Unacceptable amenities for cafe and fast food options.

    Player rewards accumulate slowly - for me $9 of rewards after playing through $500.

    Ignorant and rude staff. Patrons are all chain-smokers wasting their life-savings and disability checks, and thugs from chester.

    If you want a classy and relaxing experience, and would at least like to enjoy losing your money slowly over time or have a shot at winning, go somewhere else.

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