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Mohican North Star Casino Bingo: Be Prepared To Lose

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  • Mohican North Star Casino Bingo: Be Prepared To Lose

    Mohican Northstar Casino is just too damn greedy. But I guess that could be said for most of the casinos in Wisconsin. If table games are your thing, I cannot comment on that because I have only played slots at Mohican Casino. But if you like slots, well read on.

    I have spent a TON of money at Mohican, and have received absolutely nothing except a kick in the ass as I was heading out the door. Their players club is a joke and so is their customer service. You have to accumulate 2500 points to earn $10 cash back which is pathetic. From my experience there, be prepared to take along at least $2,000 to earn a measly $10 back. To earn at least 2500 points you have to put a lot of money through their machines not just in them. Because their pay outs are so bad you are constantly putting money into those black holes instead of recycling it and earning points. I have NEVER and I mean NEVER received anything from Mohican in the form of comps after spending well over ten grand there in a relatively short period of time. Try going to one of Harrah's properties in either Illinois of Las Vegas. The most I ever spent at one of Harrah's casinos was a lousy $300 but every month like clockwork they send me a voucher for a free hotel stay, a $40 dining credit along with free play. They have been doing that for over a year now. Indian Casinos in Wisconsin, especially Mohican Northstar take their patrons for granted. It's time to take a stand and fight back! Enough said.


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