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Indiana Live Casino: not too bad but could be better

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  • Indiana Live Casino: not too bad but could be better

    I was one of many who went to the grand opening and like most of us we were overwhelmed when we first walked in. I went over to get a players card which was a nightmare, the system quit working when they tried to make me a players card.

    This is Only ONE OF MANY things that were broken.I went over to the poker room first to get me a seat the people in the poker room were very nice and willing to help you out with the new tables. I played in the poker room for about 5 hr and in that whole time i saw 3 waitress and at no time was i able to get a drink.

    There was a guy who did order a drink and it took him an hour and a half to receive his drink so you can say the service was very bad. I also stood in line at the deli to get some food for 45 mins .

    The food was good but i have never eaten anything that was worth me standing in line for 45 mins. After I was done eating I walked around the place and noticed that about 1 out of every 6 slots were down. some time after midnight i was able to find a slot to play and i did pay out i trade $1.00 for $20.00 and called it good.

    ALL-N-ALL THEY SHOULD HAVE KNOWN THAT THEY WOULD BE PACKED THEY NEED TO GET MORE PEOPLE WORKING . If I'm dumping my money in to the system a drink would be nice. Give it time to die down a bit and it will be better

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    Re: Indiana Live Casino: not too bad but could be better

    They had the same problem in the temporary facility. It was just about impossible to get a beer. You are correct that it makes no sense to open a new multi-million dollar facility and then provide little or no service. What is really ridiculous is that drinks are not free in Indiana so the casino is making nice $$$$ on the sale of alcohol. I think we will stick with Hoosier Park.