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Maryland and MGM National Harbour

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  • Maryland and MGM National Harbour

    I'm not sure if this has been posted but it looks as if one of the perks the MGM National Harbour got from MD was a change in the gaming rules this summer of 2016. Before the opening of the new MGM National Harbour, blackjack rules kept the dealer from drawing on a soft 17. Well, this fall, the rules changed to allow the dealer to draw on the soft 17, just in time for the opening of the MGM Nation Harbour.

    The MGM NH grand opening of Dec 8 and the the opening weekend was a blowout for the NH. They were at capacity from opening day and it was a "turnstyle" entrance policy to whole weekend. The 3-2 BJ payback is still in effect, but like Vegas, it will not be long before that goes away, too.

    I quit when all that is left are $25 hands on a 6 deck AC table paying 6-5 where the dealer hit S17. Might as well give up and play slots if it ever gets that bad.
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