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Mohican North Star Casino Bingo: Good Fun

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  • Mohican North Star Casino Bingo: Good Fun

    I just wanted to post my thoughts as well on Northstar. My wife and I go there about once a month, we enjoy ourselves and feel like we have more of a chance doing well there as opposed to Oneida, and Menominee (which we drive past from Appleton).

    I would have to say the only downfall of this new casino is the fans that they put in the floor make my wife uncomfortable, it is a smart design however for the people that do not enjoy all of the smoke - but don't really think they are needed.

    As far as them not having a hotel on site, it sounds like once the economy improves that they are going to continue on with the construction project. For now though my wife and I stay at the Konkopot lodge that is a mile or so down the street, the service that we get there is very impressive and there is also a great atmosphere provided by everyone staying there, we have also heard that the White pines lodge is a pretty nice place, but with the package that the konkopot lodge gives for gambling we will always stay there.

    We play mostly slots so unsure how the table is, the people playing craps are always sounding pretty happy! The slots allow us to keep playing, and can generally play all night with $100.00 which is good because it is basically entertainment with the outside chance that you can hit it big, and that is the way we approach this casino.

    It seems like a lot of people don't feel that they send out comps, then you are not taking advantage of everything that they have to offer. We get mail offers for cash, and also free dinners or discounted dinners which is pretty nice. Also on their website you can play a game called shoot for the stars and win prizes ranging from a logo prize, 500 points on your players card(first time is 1000) 5 or 10 dollars, golf, and hotel stays at local lodges you are really selling yourself short if you don't take advantage of this. I often get the points, and have accumulated 5,000 points just for shoot for the stars.....

    Hope this helps!

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