I played poker at the Miccosukee Casino 2 different times during my last trip to Miami. To say that their poker has a house advantage is an understatement.
  1. You can only buy into a game for a maximum of $100 for 1/2, 2/5 or 5/10 No Limit!
  2. They take up to $5 in rake each hand.
  3. They also take $1 from each hand for a Royal Flush award.
  4. The PLAYERS seem to not care and routinely tip $2-$5 a hand.

Being a Vegas regular I understand the importance of keeping the costs of poker low as it does eat into your already small margin of expected profit. The costs at Miccosukee are astronomical!

BTW, I actually got looked at funny when I tipped ONLY $1 for a $40 pot. <sheesh>

Oh, did I mention that I still managed to beat the game for $987 for the 2 sessions? My wife managed to lose half of what I won which negated that somewhat. Oh well, that is what wives are for I guess.