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Wheeling Island Racetrack Gaming Center: Geting the run around

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  • Wheeling Island Racetrack Gaming Center: Geting the run around

    My husband & I have had some good luck with winning at Wheeling. Had a few loses, also had a great host. Played for points to win a trip to Harrah’s in Las Vegas. My host called me March 2, 2009 and told me that i won the trip and $1,000. She said she would get all information on the trip and let us know something the following Friday.

    We went down that Friday and she knew nothing. We went the following week and she still knew nothing. (wealso went on a Monday the first time to collect my $1,000 and a gentleman said i would have to go through my host.) I can understand that, so we said ok. But after three more times and my host knows nothing or the specifics about the trip to Harrah's.

    First she says we have a year to take the trip. i won the $1,000. I told her that I would like to put that in a CD to gain some interest. She could give me a yes or no. Then she starts to say that we would get the money when I take the trip, but she still would have to check on it and all reservations with Harrah’s.

    i played with my money to get these points.......lots of money.......i could have taken 5 trips and saveed lots of money......I think I have been conned into this just so Wheeling had players lose there money...this girl will not back husband and I think that they gave this tripfor one person only, just for me to say no I won’t take the trip if it is only for one person. (that way they can give that trip to one of their friends or family members) I won the trip & money and i want my money.

    That $1,000 is a drop in the bucket for what we spend there and their machines are tough to hit. Something just isn’t right here. My host told me last week that she would get back to me this week and let me know something ...once is friday the 20th ...2009....1:00pm and I have not heard anything from her as of yet. I give her one week from today and i will go public with this!

    It will be televisesd on channel 4 and channel 2 news. Now don't you think this host would know all the specifics on this trip before they give the trip away? And other places give away a trip for two, not just one. Wheeling is jerking me around.

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