The "Mucks" is the place to go if you want to play poker in Washington. The poker room is gigantic and well organized with state of the art electronic boards, member card sliders and shufflers at the table. They work hard to get you into a game as quickly as possible and will even give you a pager if you'd like to wonder arround while waiting. Most of the tables move along at a nice rate thanks partly to the automated shufflers. I love the hourly high hand bonus and the tournaments offered. 95% of the dealers are fantastic...although there are three that have no personality, are incompetent or act like they hate their jobs and should be fired! They even have free valet parking which I've used heavily this past month following my knee surgery.

So whats my beef?
* If you are in the huge poker tournament area (holds 140 players) you can just forget about getting service. Yes, they can electronicaly call service to the table for you but dont expect much. I've waited as long as 30-minutes to get a beer....which by the way will cost you more then any other casino arround!!! Beer is $3.25 and well drinks $3.75, down the street at the IronHorse casino beer is $1 and well drinks $1.50
* The food is actually good and fairly priced but forget about ordering if you are in a tournament for two reasons. The first is that you wont get your food for 1/2 price while in a tournament like you do in a live game. Second, even if someone does take your order you will likely be out by the time your food gets to you 3 rounds later so dont bother.
* In a $65 tournament only $50 goes into the prize pool. Isn't 30% a big bite for the casino to take? Well, it seems so to me.
* They have a really cool electronic board in the tournament room. It keeps you apprized of the time left in each round, the blind increments and time till the next break...I love it! However, they frequently don't use the board to its fullest. Why not always let us know how many entrants remain, the prize pool breakdown, and maybe even the average chip stack...
* For a good laugh sign up on their poker email list. You will get frequent emails about upcoming events...but my 9 yr old niece writes more professional emails. "Ray-Ray" needs someone to proof his emails before he sends them. They contain incomplete information and are poorly written...although I do like to be informed when a tournament is canceled.
* Bathrooms are a football field away from the tournament room. They really need to build bathrooms off the tornament room! When you go out the poker entrance pick the bathrooms to the left as it is bigger and you wont have to walk by the 20 smokers standing in the isle way leading to the bathroom on the right. Thank God they stopped allowing smoking while at the poker tables!
* The "Mucks" are trying to get a morning $30 tourney going which is great! I went up there twice this past week at 10am and there wasnt enough interest, so no game....bummer.
* With the increasing popularity of the "spread" no-limit type games it is harder and harder to find an $8-16 or $10-20 limit game anymore. I used to go up to "the Mucks" nearly every day to play $10-20, now it is seldom offered.

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