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Encore Las Vegas - Hotel and Casino: Dracula's Bordello

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  • Encore Las Vegas - Hotel and Casino: Dracula's Bordello

    Steve Wynn's newest luxury casino, Encore, recently opened on December 22nd. Similar in design to the Wynn, Encore has a gaudy red color palette and butterfly motif. I visited Encore on the 27th and the place was packed! There was ample space to gamble, as most of the people were merely trudging through the establishment with a curious eye. In these harsh economic times, who can afford to play a $5 slot machine?

    I walked to the Encore and had to pass through a labyrinthine-like maze starting at the Venetian. There you travel to the Palazzo, then the Wynn, and signs there will direct you to Dracula's bordello...uh, I mean, Encore. The blood-red chandeliers confused me. Throughout my walk, I was surrounded by high-end shops, such as Rolex and Dior. Not surprisingly, most of the shops were empty. It seems a bit crass to open another posh hotel casino on the strip when air traffic at McCarran has decreased for the 13th straight month. Encore is nice, but I will investigate further once the crowds inevitability come mid-January.

    Encore looks great, and is a decent addition to the Wynn franchise, but it seemed stuffy to me. I prefer the energy of the Hard Rock, or the kitsch of New York New York, or the variety of the Red Rock Casino; but my opinion is skewed as I am an unpretentious young man. Older people may find Encore more appealing, especially those of the silver-spoon demographic.

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