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Two New Central Indiana Casinos

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  • Two New Central Indiana Casinos

    Two new casinos are opening in central Indiana in late May or early June. They are located at the two central Indiana horse tracks Indiana Downs in Shelbyville and Hoosier Park in Anderson.

    I intend to be proactive in regard to video poker pay tables. I intend to Email the person in charge of slots and warn that person that if the VP pay tables are not reasonable I will give my business to the other entity and if neither new casino has reasonable pay tables I will continue to go to the casinos on the Ohio River.

    I suggest any of you who live in the area take the same action so as to avoid having to complain after the casinos open.

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    Re: Central Indiana Casinos

    Update - I received four Emails from Hoosier Park including two from the slot supervisor. He said they would have 160 poker machines including game kings, game makers and others and that quarter games would be around 8/5 while dollar games would be around 9/6. I answered that bonus poker 8/5 is ok but 8/5 is low for double or double-double bonus. He replied that he was talking about bonus poker and that other games would be higher. I told my wife if Hoosier Park has dollar 9/6 bonus poker I will retire and play the dollar 9/6 bonus poker for a living. It is obvious that the guy does not know much about what he has but at least I received prompt responses. I have heard nothing for Indiana Downs.