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Emerald Queen Casino at I-5: EQC- OK

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  • Emerald Queen Casino at I-5: EQC- OK

    I don't think I have eaten at EQC, but we used to go to the boat when my sister's in-laws were in town.

    There was a Haywire machine by the cashier that I could always win on. I'd put in $20 and walk out with anywhere from $60 to $300 everytime. Depending on how brave I was to keep playing once I started winning.

    Casino at I-5 is VERY smokey.

    Did go for a Johnny Lang concert, thought the tickets were reasonable and the concert was great. Concert venue was not fancy by any stretch of the imagination.

    Prefered not to play here since no players club, but now that has changed, I might have to give them a try again. Still, I hate that they are so smokey. Darn.

    Please disregard my ratings for table games, customer service, player's club, ammenities and food and drink. I was required to rate these even though I haven't used them.

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