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Tropicana Casino Resort: DISASTER

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  • Tropicana Casino Resort: DISASTER

    It is apparent that this hotel has no regard for its guests. It may have something to do with the current financial status and change soon coming.

    I was there last week. My room wasn't ready at 4PM so I went upstairs and got the housekeeper to make it up. She told me she couldn't give me soap because she had none. A housekeeper without soap? The ice machine was broken. There was hair all over my bathroom. It was obviously a leftover from the previous guests. Those were the good things.

    The elevators were not working. We waited 25 minutes for an elevator to stop on our floor. We finally gave up and walked down the 10 flights to the street. Along the way we met numerous guests who were walking from the floors above. If you wanted to go back up you waited on line with 30 or 40 other guests for your turn to get on an elevator.

    I decided to check out the next morning at 7AM so that I could get an elevator to carry my bags down. This was the West wing. They had rooms available in other wings, but chose to disregard the comfort of the guests and put them where they knew there were major problems.

    When I complained to management that morning, I was told they were making up for the inconvenience by letting guests check out later in the day. I wasn't sure if that was serious or a disturbed form of humor. I canceled my June30, 2009 reservation.

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