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Turtle Creek Casino: Best blackjack in Michigan

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  • Turtle Creek Casino: Best blackjack in Michigan

    The wife and I went there last week for the first time and had a good time. She played $20 on slots for 1-2 hours before she had to open the wallet again. Blackjack there is great, all the tables were $5 min except one at $25 min. It looked like they used 6 decks, there cut off card was 90% in and they shuffle them by hand in front of you. There's no rush there, they tell you to go walk around and relax while they shuffle and get ready for the next round. That's the best blackjack in Michigan and Las Vegas for me.

    I played some slots too and theie blackjack would let you split and double down not like four winds which is so tight you can't do anything but keep putting money in. Their player's club gave you nothing for signing up which I thought was a bit tight. I didn' use the hotel and restaurants.

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