Despite the less than stellar reviews I have read about the Sands, I like to check things up and form my own opinion.

Well, I visited the Sands this past Friday, and here's my opinion of the place..
Nice from the outside, parking decent, inside doesn't look bad.For a place that just opened, I would expect alot more smiles and "can I help you with anything" attitude.

They should have followed the Borgatas(AC) grand opening operations, which was in my opinion flawless.Lots of help standing around and not helping without being asked.Drink service so so.

I was there from about 9pm till 3am, and did not see ONE jackpot go off.If you're a video poker player, forget it. The best Jacks or Better you can find is 8/5 $1 machines. Quarters are 7/5.They have blackjack tables with virtual dealers, which I've never seen before, but had no desire to play.Fun level was nill compared to the Borgata. This place just doesn't do it for me...

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