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Philadelphia Park Casino and Racetrack: philly park rips you off

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  • Philadelphia Park Casino and Racetrack: philly park rips you off

    First off, I have to say something about Rochelle Smiths comment on phila park ripping off black people. What makes you think they only target you? I am white and after winning the first 3 times after it just opened, I have never won again. Maybe I lost because I was wearing a phillies cap- which would be just as stupid a comment as the one you made about losing because you are african american. Like they really sit around all day just looking for black people to screw over. Hey-heres a news flash, all the machines have been tightened up and most people that go in there end up losing.

    The first 3 times i went there i won $5000 playing blackjack when it first opened. I believe they lured people in there keeping the odds fair. But since then, for like, the next 20 trips- i have not had a winning day since. Once, on a $5 table i put in $200 and lost it in like 5 minutes losing every hand. And it is the way you lose too that is frustrating. If you get a 7 and a 4 and go to double down, you will NEVER get a 10-you will always get a 3 or 4.

    I have not been back there in like a year because I feel there is no point since the BJ tables are rigged.

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