Never been here...just doing some research. Saw the comment about how they won't pay if you hurt yourself in the casino....wanted to reply to that:

I don't know the circumstances of your fall, but as a general rule of don't get compensated for your clumsiness UNLESS the establishment did something negligent (like left a huge pool of water on a tile floor, debris on the floor that couldn't be avoided, etc). If you hurt yourself by tripping on a stair that is secure, that's your problem.

They should not have to pay for a doctor or an ambulance. Otherwise anyone who sustains an injury to themselves through no fault of the casino will get free medical/hospitalization. That's a fast way to put your casino out of business.

It's only when they are negligent that they are compelled to pay for your medical expenses. If they were negligent and they still aren't paying...appeal to their particular tribe.

I'm not sure what laws apply to Indian casinos with regard to liability, but if approached reasonably and to the right people, you may be able to recoup some of your expenses if the injury was attributable to their negligence.

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