I have been going to Choctaw in Durant for couple of years now. When they built the new casino by the 75 highway, it was great. The slots were paying half way good. BUT, now since they are building the new one this casino has really gotten tight.

Yes, they are in the business of making money, but when you put $100 in different slot machines and if you get back $20 you're doing good. They have also been getting fined at the end of the month for NOT paying out the jackpots they are suppose to.

I have been on various internet sites, as well as talked to the locals and they have even said Choctaw would rather pay the FINE than payout on the machines. Do they not know this will run off TEXAS customers? The internet spreads bad reviews very fast.

I dont mind losing money BUT when you play several machines and get nothing this is not FUN. Pretty much the only machines that do hit are the $25slot machines. The same machine will hit over and over again. I figure if these people can afford to play the $25 machines they can afford to lose some.

If you want to stay in business with the NEW hotel and casino coming, you're going to have to loosen up the slots, or you willl end up like Winstar. THEY got too large and have too big of an overhead now and you can't win anything there either.I

thought Shrevport was tight, but Oklahoma casinos take the cake as well. It would be nice just to be able to play for a while and get SOME money back just so you could keep playing for a while and have some fun.

When you get so large you have too big of an overhead, having to pay these high end entertainers, plus more help etc... I am coming to play the slots, not watch entertainment.

It's a shame because handled the right way these Oklahoma casinos could make large amounts of money AND payout to the customers at the same time to keep them coming back. Thanks for the chance to voice my opinion.

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