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Sands Casino Resort Bethlehem: Not what I expected

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  • Sands Casino Resort Bethlehem: Not what I expected

    I live in the area so I was exposed to the years of hype which preceded the opening of this casino a couple of months ago. Maybe that's why visiting it for the first couple of times was so disappointing.

    First of all, I expected something built on a truly grand scale. I've been to Mohegan Sun in Connecticut, and I expected it to be AT LEAST as nice as that, but it doesn't even approach the grandness factor of MS. When I walk into a casino--any casino--for the first time, I expect to feel as if I've been transported to another world. The Bethlehem Sands casino doesn't do that. Well, let me rephrase that. It didn't transport me to a world where I wanted to be!

    If you're 65 or older, you might like the atmosphere. (Trust me, you'll fit right in with the rest of the clientele.) But for a younger individual, the Sands leaves a lot to be desired. Yes, there are restaurants and bars, but basically, this is just a ginormous room filled with every kind of slot machine under the sun, and that's all folks! Oh wait, I forgot, it's smoky, too. (As a former smoker, that's not something I appreciated.) If slots, drinks and ciggies are enough to keep you entertained, then you may enjoy this place. But for those with discerning tastes, accustomed to sophistication, don't expect a lot if you visit. This was obviously built by Sands to lower standards than anything they would have built in Vegas or any other cosmopolitan locale (i.e. Hong Kong, Macau, etc.). In short, it could have been a lot more than what it is.

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