I get to go to Muckleshoot Casino a couple times a month when I am lucky. The biggest draw for me are the restaurants. Not so much the deli--still good though. There's a huge room for table games. I play slots and win and lose as normal always hoping to win of course.

There's a huge area to smoke in and there's another huge area to get away from the smoke, and it's a nice non-smoker's area. The people are always courteous to me at Muckleshoot, even when my blood pressure is up and I am grumpy. There are enough machines for everyone it seems.

And I like the fact I can use my players club points to buy things with, as well, although I wish they had points to apply to a hotel stay, since I don't live in the area. Last, but not least, I enjoy the live music and dance floor in the middle of the casino. There are some great bands that play there, for my free entertainment, to boot! Muckleshoot Casino is my favorite "local" casino.

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