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Empire City at Yonkers Raceway: ADDITION TO ED

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  • Empire City at Yonkers Raceway: ADDITION TO ED

    I returned from day trip on Thursday, 30 July 2009 and it appears I will NOT return. It is easy to enter and exit but I met with a lot of traffic. Be that as it may, I only play video poker and there were not a sufficient quantity.

    They may advertise 5,500 machines but perhaps 80% are slots. I agree with Ed, noisy, crammed and crowded. I also hate the fact that there are no free drinks, like AC. I was curious about the poker machines with a tag attached stating "IGT".

    I asked a slot attendant and could not get a straight answer as to, "Are these poker machines operated via a RANDOM NUMBER GENERATOR or by a central computer in Albany".

    I do agree with Ed that the Jacks/Better are Full Pay, 9/6 and the Deuces Wild have payback of 99.42% which is very good, however, if they are VIDEO LOTTERY TERMINALS then it is all moot.

    I have read in various casino books that playing VIDEO LOTTERY TERMINALS is like playing a lottery scratch off. On some of the poker machines a GENIE would appear and change the five card layout; never saw this before and this leads me to believe they are VIDEO LOTTERY TERMINALS and not true poker machines such as AC.

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