Stayed there last night. Game play was terrible and tight. Never saw a soul hit anything, with the exception of a drawing for a motorcycle. People were excited to get cherries on the slots Afterwards I felt like I had been "had". I mean, you can't always hit a big one, but you could at least win enough to keep playing a while and have a good time. Those machines eat twenties like a ravenous dog. $200.00 was gone in about an hour and I called it a 8PM.

It was HOT as hades in the casino. I was dripping with sweat. I was told there was an "issue" they were working to resolve, but it was terrible. The room I reserved was a "package" that included $20 game play and 2 free buffets. When checking in, the hostess didn't know how to set up the Club card and had no idea how to give me the free play or buffets. She finally got the card for me and told me the buffet credits were on the card. At dinner, I presented the card and was told that the buffet deal was actually a flyer. The lady at the restaurant told me she would handle it and gave me a receipt. When the room bill came, the buffets had been charged to the room. I had to go back to the front desk and spend 15-20 mins getting my money back. I was told that reserving their rooms over the internet with packages "didn't really work well there" and they had no way of verifying what I was telling them. They did finally give me back my money. The food at the buffet was pretty good for what it is. Better than some casino buffets I have had.

The hotel itself is first class and very nice, and the pool area is fantastic. Just not so sure I would go out of my way to return due to the game play issue. I would probably head to Mississippi instead. Hate to say that as I am an Alabama resident, but I really did not have fun in the casino.

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