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Arizona Charlies - Boulder: Arizona Charlie's Re Dux

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  • Arizona Charlies - Boulder: Arizona Charlie's Re Dux

    My last review about this Hotel/Casino was good. However, things have gone way down hill now.

    It's not the mountain ahead that wears you down, it's the grain of sand in your shoe.

    The room had fleas.( figured this out on the final day, after being bitten on the foot) Did you know this place was "Pet Friendly"? This was the second room. The first room was filthy and the AC didn't work, so we had to move.

    The jacuzzi water had so much chlorine I thought I was being boiled in Sulfuric Acid. The pool was dirty.

    The pit bosses are generally angry over the current state of the economy. They no longer care about customer service.

    I Had played Craps for over three hours. I was winning.The craps crew was OK, except for one dealer that came on. He used to work a grind joint in Jersey. I was doing well so he kept trying to break my rhythm. Just before and while I'd shoot he'd speak to me. Try that on the golf course and you would be punched in the mouth.

    So, I stopped my roll and hesitated in disgust. While standing there I was contemplating leaving the table, I switched the dice from one hand to the other in plain sight of the craps crew and over the table. The surly a****** (who had now rotated to the stick man position) actually knocked the dice from my hand with the stick. That hurt. I had a bruised middle finger from before and he banged it with the stick.

    I have been to Las Vegas over 100 times over the last 35 years or so, and I have never had anything like that happen to me.

    I have never been so humiliated in a casino in any state over my entire lifetime.

    I walked over to the pit boss and threw my player's card at him and said" If it snows in hell, or I live to be a thousand years old, or you gave me comped RFB for life, I will never set one foot in this dump again as long as I live".

    He then said, OK leave right now, or I'll have security escort you out.

    I'm considering a formal complaint

    I'm a business owner. I'm not some low life, but I was sure treated like one.

    Don't stay or play there.

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