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Tri-State Racetrack Gaming Center: Not Bad

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  • Tri-State Racetrack Gaming Center: Not Bad

    My wife and I stopped in over the 4th of July. The casino was not too busy, but it was busy where we wanted to play.

    There were only 2 roulette wheels, and they were packed with a lot of regulars. We finally got on one and we were cramped and quit playing after only 20 minutes because it took too long for the dealer to pay out and/or rake in chips from all the players. (I don't fully blame the dealer as some of the players were betting $30+ per spin on single numbers).

    In the "low rollers" area of the blackjack pit I saw 4 or 5 tables, but they had a poor payout of 6-5 on blackjack, so we did not play. In the same area there were other player vs. the dealer poker games (I don't remember the specific ones).

    There is a "high rollers" table games area, and the blackjack pays better, but I didn't walk through it. It looked less busy than the other area.

    As for the slots, my wife said they were ok at best. There were very few video poker machines, and there were lines to get on them (I'm not kidding, people were forming lines on the floor itself for them).

    The poker room is nice. There are numerous tables for numerous games, and they had tourneys running as well. Texas Hold 'em, Omaha, were running for sure. As for the players, they were average. I did see an older gentleman get up from an Omaha table with over $5,000 in chips. The hold 'em players were mixed, some reckless and come conservative.

    The rewards card is good in my opinion as you get points for everything. (Some casinos won't do that). We played for 4 hours and made over $5.00 in food rewards, and that was from playing minimums.

    The casino/racetrack is in the process of building a hotel, and according to some of the guests and dealers, once it opens, the whole place will be open 24/7. If you want to stay close to the casino, there are 2 hotels (Comfort Inn and Sleep Inn) that are very close and offer "casino packages". Check out their website for the hotel info.

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