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Hollywood Casino Tunica: problems with the front desk

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  • Hollywood Casino Tunica: problems with the front desk

    When i first started going to Hollywood everything was real nice in 2002. in the past year everything has gone down hill.

    The clerks on the first desk are very rude, i've been there almost monthly this past year so this isn't an isolated trip. The last trip i was on 8-21-09. I arrived around 3:30, brought in suitcases and was told my room wasn't clean, but would go ahead and register me, ask what to do with luggage, this was my problem and the cleaning crew has until 6:00 pm to have room ready, but i could keep checking back.

    We take luggage back to car. i check every 20 minutes and finally given a room, we get unpacked (planned to stay 3 nights) ready to go to casino and get call from front desk told we have to move the carpet is wet. Told person it would take me about 10 min to get repacked. Waited and no one came, called the front was told no one would be coming to move me.

    I had to come back to the front and get keys for the different room, when i got to front desk they acted at first like they didn't know why i was asking to be moved. Ii told her not my request, they told me i couldnt stay in that room with wet carpet. this was such a waste of my time and not my fault.

    If the cleaning crew has until 6 to get rooms ready why is checkin at 4 pm? After all this someone calls my room and wakes my husband after 10 pm asking if room ok.

    He plays the slots some but has a bad back and old neck injury he goes to bed early, he only comes to bring me i usually play all night. you can check how much i play and spend.

    The trip before this i had to wait for room, but the only problem i had was with this girl wendy which two previous trips i have ask to make sure i get a room with the big chair and stool due to husband medical problems, he can't stay in bed the whole time. i was told there was no way for her know what was in a room.

    On one trip dealing with her we got room with no chair only the desk type, i came back to front and ask if we could change rooms, we had to take luggage back to car and checking back with front for information from housekeeping on a room with a big chair, which took until almost 6 pm. any questions you have to the front desk if this isn't their job they don't know where to direct for an answer.

    I don't believe this they just are rude. they should go through customer service training. They will not look at the person they are talking with. The trip we were on 8-21-09 we were kept awake by someone's dog which barked all night. We asked about the hotel allowing animals and were told we are pet friendly. What about people friendly? We can't stay in rooms where dogs have been due to health reasons, are you going to pay medical bills? i had to go to doctor on return home due to this.

    If you are allowing the dogs to stay there needs to be a list of rooms which for people friendly , kept free of dogs.. i like dogs, but can't share a room with dogs. i could go on and on, you need more people working the floor, or change the machines to pay under $1,200 jackpot without having to sit 30 minutes to wait on someone to bring the money.

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